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I have been following these signals for a while now, I have been through a good run where profits were maximised and a bad run where losses have been minimised. You have both in trading and it’s good to see proper risk management when it’s needed. The lifetime section is worth it to see how the rule based strategies work, I have found some nice entries by myself already 👍 ITSCRYPTO is helpful, informative, friendly and always there to answer questions within minutes usually 11/10 👌👌

Ronan. Ireland

Thu 24th June 2021

Hey!  Just wanted to say, many thanks for the time that you spent with me!  I was a total beginner, like a little fish in the ocean and you helped me a lot!
Super fast response on any of my questions.  I never worked with similar people that spent so much time with there students.  Normally these businesses don't have time for the little things.
I have been here for only one month and already seeing profits. And lets remember that - At first we learn and then we remove the 'L'.  AND YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST TEACHES.

Tyy. Manchester, England

Mon 22nd March 2021

Thank you, you always come through. Appreciate what you have done for me, you certainly know your CRYPTO and you have helped me massively this past 6 months. I have learnt more this past 6 months than I did in 2 years!
You have always responded to my questions and explain in an easier way to understand. Its massively appreciated.

Aaran. Stoke, England

Mon 22nd March 2021

I have learn so much and picked up a lot of great tips from you along the way. How there are rules that MUST be fulfilled in the price action before you'll enter.
I have implemented your principles regarding risk and rules, and now thing have changed for the better. Thank you!

Ebrahiem. Dubai, UAE

Mon 22nd March 2021

I hadn't had any idea about how cryptocurrencies works until recently! Its really a big world of its own rules and regulations. The best way to invest your money by money! Seems cool?  Well.  Wait for the big
losses and big wins XD:
I've met ITScrypto group after a lot of searches around TradingView. Somehow, followed them and there work for a while!  They are cool and a really supportive company!  I've learnt a lot from them.  Never late tosupport and help as we are part of them. Never think of themselves. As a beginner, they were ready to teach me everything he can.
I may of had some losses at the beginning! But be sure THIS CAN BE THE WAY.  But recently am making at least 30% from the long term investments analysed by them.  So BIG thanks!  Good things to come.

Paul. London, England

Fri 1st January 2021